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ADS Machinery - Payoff Reel
Payoff Reel with expanded Mandrel
Coil Car - Reel
Coil Car – waiting to load new coil on Payoff Reel
Misc Equipment - Deflector Roll
Deflector Roll

A Payoff Reel, also called an Uncoiler, is used for unwinding and feeding steel coils into machines for processing. The reel consists of a large mandrel onto which the steel coil is mounted, and a motor-driven mechanism to rotate the mandrel and unwind the steel. The speed and tension of the unwinding process can be adjusted to ensure that the steel feeds into the machine at a consistent rate, and that the coil unwinds smoothly without tangling or jamming.

A Coiling Reel, also called a Recoiler or a Tension Reel, placed at the exit end, rewinds the steel strip coming off the line on to a mandrel which the steel strip is tightly wrapped around,

Two machines that often accompany the Payoff and Coil Reels are the Coil Car and the Bellwrapper. A Coil Car is used for placing a coil of steel onto the payoff reel, while another one is used for removing it off of a recoiler at the exit end. The car typically has a v-shapped bed that holds the coils securely in place until needed.

A Belt Wrapper is often used to guide the front edge of the coil of steel onto the Coiling Reel to ensure it begins to wind properly onto the mandrel.

Deflector and Pinch Rolls are also a part of the Entry and Exit sections of a typical processing line. They are used for redirecting the path of the strip travelling either up or down.

ADS can design and build the reel(s) to meet your needs. Does it require transversing? Paper winders/unwinders? Edge guides? Hold down rolls? Different materials such as aluminum, or brass? We can also provide additional coil handling equipment to augment your line, such as Belt Wrappers, Coil Cars, Shears, etc..

We are there for you!

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Recoiler. Reel
ADS Machinery - Belt Wrapper. Reel
Belt Wrapper
ADS Machinery - Pinch Roll
Pinch Roll