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ADS Machinery - Motorized Shear
Motorized Upcut Shear

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The shear is a mechanical device used to cut or trim the steel strip to a desired length or shape during the steel strip processing line. It plays a critical role in ensuring that the steel strip is produced to the required dimensions and tolerances. The shear works by applying a shear force to the steel strip, which causes it to bend and fracture along a specified cutting line. The shear is also designed to operate at high speeds to ensure efficient and consistent processing of the steel strip.

Guillotine Shears use a long blade that moves vertically to shear the steel coil. They are typically used for cutting thicker coils, and offer a high level of precision and accuracy. There are two common types, the upcut where blade comes from below moving up to make the cut. While the downcut comes from above moving downward.

A Rotary Shear is for cutting the steel coil into specific lengths or widths.

Flying Shears are used to cut the steel coil while it is still in motion. The machine’s blade quickly descends onto the coil to make the cut, then springs back up to avoid contact with the steel.

ADS can design and build the shear that best fits for your needs.

Shear - Chop
Pair of Chop Shears – front and side views
Shear - Chaop