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ADS Shop - Ingersoll Horz Bore Mill
Ingersoll Horz Bore Mill
ADS Shop - Horizonal Boring Mill
Horizonal Boring Mill
ADS Shop - Monarch Lathe
Monarch Lathe

If you want it done right, do it yourself. And so, we do. The sevices we offer our customers are done at our own facitities, by our own people.

Case in point: shop facilities. We own and operate a complete, fulll service shop, staffed by our own knowedgeable skilled craftsmen.

Our talented team in the machine shop uses CNC programing to control the various machines necessary to properly complete the job. This includes mills, lathes and multi-tasking equipment. With this extensive range of capabilities: we can refurbish and update your used equipment, repair existing equipment, manufacture new equipment to your specifications or to ours, or engage in subcontract machine building services.

See our Shop Equipment List for more information.

ADS Shop Floor
Shop Floor – South wing

View our Strip Processing Lines pamphlet.

Haas Vertical CNC 4 Axis Mill
ADS Shop - Plasma Cutter
Plasma Cutter
ADS Shop - Paint Booth
Paint Booth