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Brushing Machine

A brushing machine, or scrubber, is a tool used for surface treatment of coiled metal. It is used for cleaning, polishing, or deburring the surface of the metal coil. The machine typically has a brush or a set of brushes, which are rotated at high speed to abrade the surface of the metal, removing any unwanted contaminants or burrs. The brushing process produces a uniform and smooth surface finish on the coiled metal, making it suitable for further processing, such as painting, coating, or stamping.

Our ADS brushing machines use motor-driven screw jacks to automatically position the four brushes- two below and two above the strip – to adjust for brush wear. Preset watt loads on the motors determine the brush contact pressure.

Backup rolls support the strip at each brush: pneumatic cylinders pivot them out of the way quickly for weld or stitch passage. Spray headers before and after each brush wet the strip and flush loose matter from the surfaces. The spray headers and the brushes are designed for easy removal. Wringer rolls minimize carryover into the rinse section. Pneumatic cylinders open the top wringer roll for threading. (Some installations have a second brushing machine in place of the electrolyic cleaning.)

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Brushing Machine
Brush Scrubber

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