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Coatings, Plating, and Galvanizing

Adding protective or ornamental coatings to running metal strip is one of our specialties. Galvanizing is the process of coating steel strip with molten zinc for corrosion resistance. Our many galvanizing lines are primarily for the construction products industry (steel roofing and siding). These lines normally also include cleaning and leveling sections.

On galvanizing lines, several coating process can be used in addition to the molten zinc application. Many galvanizing lines for construction products contain a chromate coating section to prevent oxidation (white rust) of the zinc-coated surface. Acrylic coating sections apply an acrylic to roofing product to increase the friction of the coated substrate to alleviate roofing installation contractors slipping and falling from a metal roof.

Our coil coating lines apply decorative coatings to metal sheet and strip (including galvanized substrate), also mainly for the construction products industry. These lines apply wet paint followed by thermal curing in catenary or floater type ovens.

ADS has also built a number of electro-chemical plating lines to apply zinc, chrome, or tin to running metal sheet and strip.

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