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Welcome to ADS Machinery


Why ADS ?

Because we’re Different.

Different in the way we think. That is, we believe in designing and manufacturing metal processing lines and equipment that fits our customer’s need instead of trying to fit customers to standard equipment

Different in the way we service our customers. Personal, individualized attention is the rule here, not the exception. Sales engineers follow your job every step of the way. From initial meeting through on-site testing.

Different in the way we utilize our engineering expertise. Instead of doing things “the way they’ve always been done,” we constantly look for ways to develop new designs, improve existing designs, produce innovative lines and equipment.

Different in the way we feel about our customer. Althought we’ve supplied extremely sophisticated lines and equipment to some of the largest users around the world, we firmly belive that smaller customers, with simpler needs are equally important.

Different? Yes. Better? Absolutely.