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Tension Leveling

Tension leveling is the process of removing shape imperfections from running metal sheet and strip by elongating the strip using a combination of tension and bending around small-diameter work rolls. These shape imperfections include long edges, quarter buckle, center buckle, and camber. Tension levelers can be incorporated into lines for galvanizing or coil coating or provided as stand-alone tension leveling lines. ADS manufactures a number of different tension levelers depending on material type, material thickness, and yield strength.

A tension leveler is often incorporated into carbon steel pickling lines, immediately preceding the acid pickling tanks. In this application, the tension leveler is often referred to as a “scale breaker” as the leveling process loosens iron oxide on the strip surface. This makes the acid pickling section more effective and allows increased processing speeds. Scale breakers are typically equipped with a dust collection system to collect iron oxide which is removed from the metal substrate.

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Tension Leveling System
Tension Leveling Section – Continuous hot dip Galvanizing Line