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Coil Coating Systems

A coil coating system is a process where a thin layer of protective material or paint is applied to a steel coil to improve its durability and performance. Coil coating systems involve several stages including cleaning, coating, drying, and curing, which are performed in line with the steel-making process. This method ensures the creation of high-quality steel products that meet various industrial requirements and last longer. Further, the coil coating system is cost-efficient as it reduces the need for additional maintenance and repairs down the line.

Entry End Systems

Galvinizing Line - Entry

The entry end of your coating lines has to do two things well. It must keep pace with the coating line as it feeds coils into the line, and it must avoid in-process damage. With today’s sensors and computers, you can automatically weigh and measure incoming coils, place them on the uncoiler mandrels, crop off-gauge material and feed the strip up to the strip joiner. Your preferences, production goals and budget will determine the degree of automation in your line.

Processing Systems

Brush Scrubber

To coat the strip uniformly, you must first get the substrate clean and dry. The best way for you to do this is with an  ADS  White Glove™ strip cleaning system. Our engineers will design the right combination of high presure sprays, electrolytic cleaners, brushing machines, cascade rinsing tanks and hot air dryers - plus off-line storage tanks and fume exhaust - for your application.

You and your customers will benefit by including an  ADS  tension leveling system into your line. This will give you higher yields because the excellent flatness of the strip preludes “skips” and coating thickness variations. Since there are no residual stresses, your customers will not have problems with springback as they blank or form the painted metal.

Your requirements will dicate the configuration of the coater(s) and curing oven(s). We can design a system that combines economy, cleanliness, and rapid response time for tempurature changes.

Exit End Sytems

Coil Coating - Exit

As at the entry end,  ADS  can provide for single or double coil handling equipment. A multitude of coil handling systems are available including coil cars, turnstiles, walking beam, and chain conveyors, and coil up-enders. All types of packaging equipment are also available.

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