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Pickling Line

Pickling Lines
Pickling Section – Continuous Pickling Line

A pickling line is a manufacturing process that immerses steel, aluminum, or copper strips or coils into a solution of acid or alkali to remove impurities and rust. The process is used to protect the metal from corrosion and to improve its surface finish and adhesion properties before further manufacturing processes, such as galvanizing, painting, or coating. The strip is first cleaned, then pickled, rinsed, and dried before being rolled into a finished product such as sheeting, tubing, or wiring. Pickling lines are commonly used in the automotive, construction, electrical, and industrial sectors.

Pickling Lines
Vertical, heavy gauge strip accumulator – Continous Pickle Line

ADS re-built its first Pickling Line in 1962 and has been supplying pickling equipment for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys ever since. Our pickling tanks are designed to be compatible with the pickle liquor (hydrochloric, sulfuric or nitric acids, or mixtures of nitric and hydrofluoric acids.) they may be FRP, polypropylene, CPVC plastics, stainless steel or rubber lined carbon steel, depending on the application.

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