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Annealing Line

An annealing line is a process where steel is heated and cooled slowly in a controlled atmosphere to achieve desired properties such as improved ductility, reduced hardness and increased toughness. During the process, steel is heated to a certain temperature, held for a specific time, and then cooled down slowly to room temperature. The controlled heating and cooling process reduces the internal tension within the steel and improves its ability to be shaped and formed into different products, making it easier to process and use in various industries.

Since 1968, ADS has designed and built a wide range of lines for the thermal treatment of sheet and strip. We have supplied annealing lines for ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to 72” (1830 mm) wide.

Whether your annealing lines are processing ferrous or non-ferrous metals, light gauges or heavy gauges, small capacities or large, simple processes or complex, just tell us what you need.

Annealing Line
Annealing Line – Straight Through Type

Annealing Line Layout - Straight Through Type

Annealing line
Continuous Aluminum Annealing/Solution Heat Treat Line
Annealing Line
Annealing Line – C-Type

Annealing Line Layout - C-Type

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