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Miscellaneous Equipment

Belt Wrapper
Scrap Baller
Conveyor Table
Misc Equipment - Deflector Roll
Deflector Roll
DoubleTime Accumulator


Virtually any equipment that you could possibly need in the production and processing of flat rolled metal is available from ADS  Our Technical Support Group provides engineering studies, finite element analysis, solid modeling, and other services that ensure a top quality job every time.

You can order coil, sheet and slab handling and conveying equipment, special cleaning equipment for strips and tubes, and coil joining equipment including stitchers, splicers, and welders. You can count on ADS for a variety of other special processing steel equipment not available as standard products.

3 Roll Bridle

… and many more. Just ask.


Pinch Roll
Pinch Roll


Motorized Shear
Payoff Reel - Paper Winder
Payoff Reel – Paper Winder