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Cleaning Systems

The cleaning system is a multi-step process that removes impurities from the metal before it is processed further. The first step involves removing large pollutants like scrap metal, rocks, and dirt using magnetic separators. Next, chemicals are used to remove rust and other contaminants on the surface of the metal. The final step involves hot water spray or another type of cleaning solution to remove any remaining dirt or contaminants. The goal of the cleaning system is to ensure that the steel is strong and durable, with no impurities that could cause structural issues.

ADS “White Glove” Strip Cleaning Systems have been a favorite of the metals industries since 1961. More than one hundred “White Glove” systems are at work, cleaning carbon and stainless steel, copper and brass alloys, aluminum, titanium and coated products.

They achieve excellent results, while conserving water, heat and chemicals.

Our custom-designed systems are comprised of dunk tanks, spray tanks, electrolytic cleaners, a variety of brush scrubbers, cascade rinsing and hot air dryers.

No matter what your surface condition requirements are, ADS can supply all the equipment you need.

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White Glove Cleaning Systems
“White Glove” cleaning section – continuous silicon annealing line