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Accumulator - Vertical
Accumulator – Vertical

The accumulator is an essential component in the production of top-of-the-line coil metal, as it maintains a consistent tension on the metal strip throughout the manufacturing process. Its primary function is to receive a continuous supply of steel strip from the uncoiler while also holding a reserve amount, guaranteeing that processing remains uninterrupted. This reserve enables the production line to seamlessly stitch or weld the leading and trailing ends of the coils with minimal interference to the production process.

There are two types of accumulators – vertical and horizonal. The verical accumulator typically has a small footprint but requires a high ceiling height. It is usually used in processing lines equiped with furnaces. The horizontal accumulator does not require the high ceiling, but does occupy a large area and are commonly used in pickling and galvanizing production lines. But, in most cases, it just depends on how much floor space is available.

For light gauge strip, the ADS DoubleTime strip accumulators provide twice the strip storage – in the same amount of space.

Doubletime™ Accumulator

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