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Side Trimmer

ADS produces a number of different designs of side trimmers to trim the edges from running metal sheet and strip to either remove damaged edges or trim the material to a precise width. These include machines for heavy gauge and light gauge material in both hard and soft tempers.

We also build turret type side trimmers in which one set of knives is in the operating (trimming) position while a second set of knives is in the standby position. When a knife change is warranted, the standby set of knives is rotated into the operating position and the old set of knives can be changed while the side trimmer is in operation. Knives are mounted on arbors which are designed to keep the cut line in a constant location irrespective of the thickness of the knives.

Automated knife lap and gap adjustments, as well as automated strip width adjustment, are available features.

Edge trim scrap from the side trimmer can be wound into a coil, balled into a bundle, or chopped into small pieces.

Side Trimmer – Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Line