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ADS Machinery Corp. was founded in 1956 as “Associate Design Service”, an engineering services company. By 1958, ADS was building the equipment we design using local machine building contractors. In 1961, ADS incorporated under the moniker “ADS Machinery Corp.”. In 1974, ADS purchased the building at its present location and added a full-service machine and assembly facilities.

Early customers were in the silicon steel industry manufacturing electrical transformers, regulators, and inductors. In the late 1960’s, A-D-S began designing and manufacturing non-ferrous (brass and copper) annealing lines, mainly for ammunition and radiator stock. During the late 1970’s, ADS began designing and manufacturing annealing lines for stainless steel and special metals. Since then ADS has been active in all flat rolled metal sheet and strip industries including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, titanium, and special metals.