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Coil Coating Systems

Entry End

Coil Coating Line - Entry End

ADS manufactures coil handling equipment to deliver the product to the entry end of the line.

  • Payoff Reels
  • Shears, Stitchers, & Welders
  • Strip Cleaning & Pre-treatment Equipment
  • Accumulators

The entry end of your coating lines has to do two things well. It must keep pace with the coating line as it feeds coils into the line, and it must avoid in-process damage. With today’s sensors and computers, you can automatically weigh and measure incoming coils, place them on the uncoiler mandrels, crop off-gauge material and feed the strip up to the strip joiner. Your preferences, production goals and budget will determine the degree of automation in your line.

Coating Room & Oven Systems

Coil Coating Line - Coating Room & Oven Systems

ADS can provide the coating curing system best suited to your coating and end product. Our engineers can help you decide the best type of oven for your application, whether it be catenary, flotation, infrared or induction technologies. This selection must be based upon the types of coating and end product you wish to use. Afterburners supplied by ADS will provide the destruction levels required to meet MACT requirements. Systems are available in recuperative, catalytic and regenerative technologies. Our wide base of experience will guide you in the selection of the technology best suited to your application. We also pride ourselves in our innovative use of the energy used in curing the coatings and destroying the resulting VOCs.

Coating Section Products

The ADS system design enclosures that the coater room ventilation system is always balanced ensuring a clean room environment and capture of solvent released during the coating process. The ADS design can provide the following:

  • Rated Enclosures
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Lighting
  • Hoist and Monorails
  • Fire Protection
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Paint Distribution

Each ADS Oven System is custom designed providing equipment to meet the flexibility expected for today’s coating curing systems. Whether your product is water base now, or will be in the future, ADS has the design capability to incorporate these requirements to meet your specification. Products provided in our systems included:

  • Prime and Finish Ovens
  • Direct and Indirect Fired Systems
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Appliance and Construction Grade Products
  • Plate and Tubular Type Heat Exchangers
  • Thermal Efficiencies to 95%
  • 98% VOC Destruction Minimum (Higher Levels Available)


Exit End

Coil Coating Lines - Exit End

As at the entry end, ADS can provide for single or double coil handling equipment. A multitude of coil handling systems are available including coil cars, turnstiles, walking beam, and chain conveyors, and coil up-enders. All types of packaging equipment are also available.

    • Accumulators
    • Banding
    • Shears
    • Coil Handling
    • Coil Reels
    • Coil Packaging

For additional information, visit our Coil Coating site: http://coatingline.com

Electronic Tin Plating Line

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